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Sean Nowicki and his American Staffordshire Terriers


     Hello, first let me thank you for taking the time to visit the Cruisin' Kennel  website.  My name is Sean Nowicki and as you may have guessed, I have a passion for American Staffordshire Terriers.  My first AmStaff, Jasmine, was a great introduction to the breed. She was playful, gentle and very comical.  I enjoyed training Jasmine and in the process learned many things about this breed. Although the American Staffordshire Terrier's are often incorrectly characterized as ferocious and dangerous, she and I were quickly able to win the hearts of the spectators. While working Jasmine my interests spread to the area of showing and breeding.  This led me to the search for a foundation male.  Blue became that and even more than I could have hoped for.  He earned his Companion Dog title before he was even a year old, and his championship quickly followed.  


Ch. Cruisin' For A Bluisin' CDX, SCT, CGC, ROH, OFA, OFEL, Cardiac Normal


Blue was a great example of what the Ruffian breeders were producing. Richard Gray (Rounders) and Keith Monske (Somerset) breed dogs which, in my mind at least, were some of the nicest American Staffordshire Terriers available. Mr. Gray and the Monske's worked together to produce many champions,  and Blue was one of these.      


 Ch Rounders Somerset's Silky Smooth OFA   

      Ruffian dogs have a history of success  

My dogs go back primarily to Rounder, Rowdytown, and Tonkawa stock.  I also have a small amount of White Rock which also traces back to the purest of ruffian lines.  These breeders  have spend several generations and countless hours perfecting their stock - My dogs today would be of lower quality without their dedication to the breed. The amount of work good breeders put into their dogs often goes unnoticed, and I can't emphasize enough the quality of what these folks are doing. Cruisin' dogs are 100% line bred off proven Ruffian stock to insure this.

Ch Tonkawa Big Tex OFA             

Ch Rowdytown's Rainbo Warrior  OFA   


  CH Rounders Blackheart OFA


 If you were to ask me what my goals are as a breeder of American Staffordshire Terriers, I would tell you to have a stock producing healthy, structurally sound and mentally stable dogs.

Ch Cruisin' Candy Coated OFA



 Cruisin' dogs currently are competitive in conformation, obedience, schutzhund, weight pulling, and even dancing ( believe it or not it's a hot sport !) not to mention the countless protectors of families and their homes.


Petey pulling in Leavenworth. He pulled 2,290 lbs (38 times his weight),